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Honda Hydrogen Car

Honda Hydrogen Car

March 18, 2016

by Vicky Sauvé

The Japanese automaker Honda launched on Thursday, March 10, Japan's hydrogen car, the Clarity Fuel Cell. Relying as his compatriot Toyota this environmentally friendly technology, but still very expensive.

This vehicle, which emits only water vapor with use, wants to be more spacious (five places) and with greater autonomy (about 750 km) as the world leader Mirai, pointed to Honda in a statement. 

With a full fact that in just three minutes, the Clarity Fuel Cell " is as easy to use as a gasoline car ", assured the group, unlike electric cars that have reduced autonomy for refueling time several hours .

However, production, delicate, remains limited, the very high prices and few hydrogen stations.

Ref.: http://www.tvanouvelles.ca/2016/03/10/honda-lance-sa-voiture-a-hydrogene-au-japon

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